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Farmers Markets

Hill and Hollow Farm is excited to support two of our region’s farmer’s markets: metro Nashville Farmer’s Market and Bounty of the Barrens Market in Glasgow, Kentucky. Read more


We want interns to be involved in all aspects of life here at Hill and Hollow. Our interns work with either Paul or me each day learning what it takes to run a CSA and live in a sustainable way off of the land. Learn more

How do I join CRAFT?

To join, you must fill out the downloadable application and mail it to the address on the contact page. The information will be used to compile our CRAFT handbook. You must return the completed application to me by May 1st. I will compile the calendar of events and send you a copy by June 1st.

What if I want to host a monthly workshop?

Ideally there will be a workshop each month, May-September. If you would like to host a workshop we ask that you chose a topic that you are most passionate about. The workshops should include a general farm tour and then demonstrations and activities specific to your chosen topic. Commonly a potluck meal would be shared to offer the interns the opportunity to socialize, in this we hope to remind interns that they are part of a larger community and alleviate some of the risks of isolation. Contact me directly be phone or email to further solidify details on the workshops.

What is required of me?

As a farmer and member of CRAFT you are only required to allow your intern(s) the day off once a month to attend the CRAFT workshops. You too are of course encouraged to attend, but we understand the business of the growing season.

What if I don’t typically have interns on my farm?

Join CRAFT as an opportunity for you to work with other Kentucky farmers. The program works to establish a peer group for all of us!

How much is it to join?

The CRAFT program will be funded by The Rural Center, Inc. As a non-profit educational center, it gets its support from private donors, and private and public funding agencies. If you would like to support the Rural Center, your donation is fully tax deductible and will be used to finance the Kentucky CRAFT program.